WDS Snapin zu RSAT MMC hinzufügen

Anbei eine gute Anleitung wie man das im RSAT (MS Remote Server Administration Tool) fehlende WDS SnapIn hinzufügen kann.

Missing the WDS (Windows Deployment Services) snapin from RSAT on Windows Vista?

As you probably still remember from my previous post „RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools): what’s included and what’s NOT!!„, some snapins are still missing from RSAT.
Here’s a way to get the WDS snapin running on your Vista workstation for remote administration of your Windows Server 2003 and/or Windows Server 2008-based Windows Deployment Servers, by taking the following unsupported steps:

Step 1: Locate a Windows 2008 Server which has the WDS Server Role installed via Server Manager features/roles.
The installed OS platform architecture must match your client (use 32-bit OS server if using 32-bit OS client, and the same for 64-bit).

Step 2: Locate the following files:







NOTE: If not running US English, the path would not be EN-US; it would be the language(s) running on the server

If you don’t have a running WDS server, here are all the files you need for a Vista (en-US) x86 and x64.  I’ve even included an install.cmd and instructions.txt file.

Step 3: Copy all files to the Vista machine running RSAT tools and place them in the same paths as above (step 2).

Step 4: Run as an administrator:

regsvr32 WdsMgmt.dll
regsvr32 WdsTptMgmt.dll
regsvr32 WdsMmc.dll

Step 5: Create a shortcut in the %ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools to the WDS snapin (WdsMgmt.msc).


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